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Isparta is the ROSE capital of Turkey. And that is because of its geographic position with an altitude of 1100 meters, its perfect weather conditions, precipitation, humidity, and sun.

Its geographical location and climate characteristics such as light creates a favorable environment.

 In our region, on approximately 25 thousand acres of land, which provides 15 thousand tons of rose water and oil.

Rosa damascena harvests once a year in May and takes about 40 days to harvest.

Hand-pick rose harvesting has continued in this region for 130 years in a traditional way.      rose essential oil is obtained from the flower of Rosa damascene and it is very valuable. This rose essence oil are with the highest vibration value in the world, with a value of 320 Mhz.

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The most virgin and pure product you can find in all the world. The traditional production lives threw us.


Organic farming on virgin lands at 1300m altitude from the heart of the rose capital

alvis flower oil

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