Rose Oil

Alvis Flower

Rosa Damascena roses are harvested traditionally by hand harvesting for 130 years. And abstracting its essence are taken place In copper retorts.

1 kg of essential rose oil is produced from 4 tons of Rosa Damascena rose flowers by distillation.

Rose oil is produced

completely by traditional methods, Rose oil comes first for the   cosmetic industry because it is the most important raw material used in their production.
Packaging is done according to the costumer request.

Lavender Oil

Alvis flower

Lavender, which is grown as an ornamental plant in the Mediterranean Region, is a shrub up to 100 cm in height.

In appearance, the leaves are silvery and the flowers are dark purple.

It has a strong special smell and its own reha. And it is extracted by traditional methods via steam distillation.

Packaging is done according to the costumer request.

Rose Water

alvis flower

Rose Water obtained by distillation of fresh Isparta rose leaves in pure copper alembics, It is a hydrolyte rich in active substances. Aroma and essence are strengthen after two time distillation.

packaging is done according to the costumer request.